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Excuse me because I don't speak english very well, and is very difficult for me to explain myself correctly. Yesterday I had seen "New moon", the premier here in Spain, and I am disappointed. I think that all the films of the Twilight Saga should be directed by the same person, because the magic place created in Twilight has become an other thing. Not bad, but different, without soul, without the love tension between Edward and Bella. Ok, they have more money to shoot the film, but they don't have the same heart. I hate the producers, sorry, because they only want to win money and more money.And the vision of another director is tottally different: they think that this is a film for teenagers that see the world like a strawberry cake, and this is not realist. In Twilight you feel Forks like a shadow, cold, fog, darkness place, perfect for a Vampire family. Is credible. Now, the colors are so lives, so intenses... Is not the same place, is not the heart of Stephenie Meyer. Catherine could express and create the Meyers' world. Now the creators don' t want to create this world, they want to win money and more money. They only have been interested in giving to the people what (bad) supposedly wants to see on the screen, and what they have obtained looks like another movie. If we like Twilight so much is because, with not a lot of money to shoot, there were many desires, very much fondness in the project. Please, I hope that they recover Catherine to shoot Breaking Dawn.

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I agree with you on all you said! especially the look of new moon. I was so pissed about Alice's clothes and Jasper's hair!! What were they thinking, did they even watch Twilight to see what the characters are SUPPOSED to look like?

Taiita Champniss said:
Firstly, the Twilight film brought me into the whole 'Twilight phenomenen', the film was brilliant, made on a budget, but a teen/indi/Gothic masterpiece. They have completely sold out with New Moon, all the gritty, rawness has gone in replace of nauseating romance that is heaped on with a shovel. The sound track is horrendous, where is the beautiful silences and rocking beats that Cathrine Hardwicke was so comfortable with and which made the film? The whole litarary Gothic theme, which Ms Hardwicke stuck to faithfully is gone - it doens't appear that Chris Weitz studied Gothic lit at University/film school, because he simply just does not get it. Nor does he seem to 'get' teen angst/teen romance. Oh and the Cullen family look weird in New Moon, whoever did the make up has really mucked up, the eyes are far too obvious. They look alien, not enticingly beautiful as they are meant to look. Edward Cullen looks like he has conguntivitis as Pattinsons eyes look raw and irritated, not heart-throb material. All in all New Moon is so disapointing.
I think the biggest insight I got into why Weitz is such a colossal failure as a director is about the frolicking scene (bolded, below).

He said the reason he wishes he could change the frolicking scene is (loose quote) "because people in the audience laugh and it makes me feel bad."

He does not wish he could change it because people laughed at it and it reflected badly on the movie and the Twilight franchise, because such an embarassing mistake might negatively impact the next Twilight franchise movie to be released, because it put the actors in an unnecessary embarassing position where they (and their characters) are laughed at, because it is a just a terrible, amateur thing for a movie to have a scene that people laugh at, and certainly not because the loyal fans of the Twilight saga deserve better than that.

It's all about him, and him feeling bad.

Can you imagaine being an actor, going from Catherine's nurturing, professional, supportive approach to Weitz's "it's-all-about-me-who-cares-about-you" approach to direction? If his main concern is himself, then the actors are going to be in a bad position.

Stephanie Bertone said:
I remember SM saying she was happy she wasn't in NM.

But Chris has admitted to forgetting other things. Notice how Edward's eyes weren't black when we show up in Italy? Yeah, cause he FORGOT! Also, Chris says the 'Frolicking' scene is the one thing he wishes he could change. On, where it is Weitz Free Love, everyone was all, "Oh, how sad. At least he knows he made a mistake." NO! He should have seen the stupidity of the scene before he ever wasted film on it.

Tim C said:
Just want to give a quick shout out to all my Apotamkin's and everyone who has a custom made pea coat. Bonus points for a pea coat custom made for an Apotamkin.

My feelings toward the Eclipse trailer and the future movies is more or less; I could care less. I feel so betrayed and stupid for believing that New Moon would build off Catherine's yellow brick road foundation. There is little left of our beloved Twilight. If their aim was to take the films in a differnt direction, they succeeded amazingly, they are heading due south with all loss of bearings. I don't see how Eclipse can possibly be worse than New Moon, but at the same time I don't see how they can recapture the Cat Hardwicke magic.

The actors have become zombified. They should start advertising the film as zombie vampires and zombie wolves.Brains we want to eat our director's brains, wait he has none, doh! The hip/cool/fresh factor has been utterly lost. The personal feeling that made you feel like you went to Forks High School has been substituted with a mass appealed smear of a feeling. I was in the store the other day and saw the New Moon party supplies. Good god, the colors are horrific, a nice doo-doo brown color to commiserate your special day. Party on Twihards, don't forget to wipe...with the table cloth. I knew it in my gut truly, when I saw the first New Moon poster. Bella looks like she's a plaster cast with loads of wolfy looking makeup caked on. As opposed to the incredibly beautiful, vulnerable, yet engaged, moment in time that was the Twilight DVD cover and posters. Along with Edward being so hauntingly stealth yet utterly inviting and shielding. These images captivated me and sucked me into the beautiful energy that Catherine channeled from the novels. They still do.
From the NMoon poster onward I began to lie to myself, and as lies do, they eventually caught up with me and jumped up and bit me in the butt. Sure on a certain level I can continue to lie to myself, just as I did for NMoon, but fool me once... this stupid lamb will pass. I will remain stalwart in my vow to never give Summit a penny, and I will send them disgust mail til I'm old and grey. I have utter contempt for the arrogant disrespect they have shown towards my beloved, my precious.

I can accept most things because the first film was such a layered world of beauty, wonder and above all a beacon of true love. One thing that I do feel we lost out on was seeing our best friend and fringe lover Jacob Black realize his potential. In all, poor Taylor Lautner has easily been done the biggest disservice. Weitz offered him little to no insight and guidance into the Jacob Black character. His character needed to be reined in. There is a tremendous amount of stimuli through the press vescile that is Taylor. I don't think he ever managed to get his head to stop spinning. Catherine was tremendous in this aspect, she was out there taking tons of pressure off the young cast and being a mother hen to this young cast that was thrust into the craze of Twilight. The wooden acting we see now may be a product of the wooden feeling on set. It's plain as day that the movies have taken on the personality of the directors. Twilight was bursting at the seams with youthful exuberance and energy, while NMoon took itself so seriously that it forgot its mission statement. Twilight has become a job to our splendid young cast, rather than something that should be a field trip. Look Bella it's a worm! Catherine's infectious and unwavering energy would have raised that bar.
Back to Jacob Black. He was always so puffy, trying to flex his muscles and broaden his shoulders, and talk low with a fiercenss that felt contrived through repetition. I always saw Jake as obviously a guy with a bad temper, but he was also so cool and self assured. Jake could just slide off just like that, he was not so mechanical and powty as I see him now. He is a dark figure in his own right, in some ways the darkest. He never was Bella's little lap dog, he was an equal rival to Edward physically, emotionally and mentally. Just from the 3 scenes he was in Twilight, I KNOW Catherine could have found that magic for Jake as well, she never lost sight of him. A real shame because, I became as torn as Bella, between Ed and Jake, though Edward not being my true love I believe IF I HAD TO CHOOSE, I choose Team Jacob. It says a lot because Jake really had to earn his keep, Edward was such a force, I can't believe Steph Meyer pulled off the Edward disappearing act. I still don't see Taylor as my Jake, outside of the pre-phasing Twilight Jake. Catherine would have been to Taylor, what she was to Robert; the difference, a lifelong difference.

Maybe it is time to...*sigh**sigh*.... yes it is time to move on and realize Catherine will not be back for Breaking Dawn....*sigh*. I will still swim against the tide and try to gain signatures for the petition(scored 2 yesterday!) because my Twilight spirit has been renewed through this forum. I think they should look into hiring Uwe Bol if not Catherine, I think he would be good at the healm. Oh and isn't it kind of funny that Stephanie Meyer didn't have a cameo in NMoon. I googled "Chris Weitz Sucks" and this was the first search that came up. Here's the excerpt, prepare to be infuriated, you have been warned.

in this interview with time magazine he admits that he forgot to put the author of the wildly successful book series in the film. ‘But I had kind of forgotten that she had a cameo in the first one, and she never asked, she’s very quiet and gracious about it. I don’t know if she wanted to or not. I probably should have.’ that is what some women would say is a typical guy response ’she never asked.’ i guess those tween-aged girls are wondering what sort of stuff david (i wouldn’t know how a girl thinks if she was feeding me the info on a plate) slade will forget in this next film.
it seems he’s already made his first mistake by throwing rachelle lefevre under the bus.

I can't get enough of all your posts, I wanted to comment on them specifically but as seems to be the norm, I get carried away with my frustrations. Fly free and far away frustrations, you no longer hold sway over my Twilight world. I share your setiments Janet, I too feel as though we're starting to shine a light on this perplexity, if for nothing but our own peace of mind. Thanks again everyone, appreciate all the fantastic insight.
QUOTING STEPHANIE: "I remember SM saying she was happy she wasn't in NM."

That may be, but remember her quote about Weitz or Slade being a "visionary"? She hasn't said anything negative about NM or Eclipse, and has said a lot of good things....clearly, she's not standing up for her own creation, the Twilight story, and that disappoints me, a lot. There are people, like Weitz and his rah-rah cheerleaders who will grasp that and say that critics are wrong because SM, who wrote the books, was happy with NM and/or Eclipse, so Weitz and/or Slade must be doing it right.

The core cast has also said nothing but happy, praising things about Weitz/Slade and NM/Eclipse.

I understand that they may have contractural limits on what they can say, and that's cool. An actor should keep their word. I would feel a little differently if they were praising NM and Eclipse just because they don't want to impact how much money they will get (if their agreement involves getting part of the profits).

KS, at Sundance, made some veiled comments that sure made me think she was unhappy with Weitz and/o Slade. When she was asked how it was making the Joan Jett or runaway films, KS replied something like "It was WONDERFUL to finally get a chance again to work with REAL directors who are professional and provide a supportive, creative environment for the actors," or something to that effect. Even the person who wrote the article said she thought it was a slam at Weitz and/or Slade.
How do we make it known to the people @ summit that we want Catherine to direct Breaking Dawn...

I can't get over the fact that they killed New Moon, I wish that it could redone...
Winter, that's the sad part--that NM and Eclipse have been destroyed by the choices of Summit for director, and it will be years and years before the books are approached again for making into a film...if they EVER are approached again.

I doubt Golden Compass will be revisited in the next decade or two. It was such a disaster, thanks to Christ Weitz, the director, and I think film makers see failed franchises as cursed.

LOL--their attitude should be just the opposite. When a franchise with major potential (like Golden Compass and Twilight) tanks because of the studio's choice of director, it would be difficult to find a director who could do a worse job. I think my potted fern could do a better job directing NM, and my potted fern doesn't even have opposable thumbs.


Winter said:
How do we make it known to the people @ summit that we want Catherine to direct Breaking Dawn...

I can't get over the fact that they killed New Moon, I wish that it could redone...
Dear Winter,

Believe me, so many of us on this site have tried. I've signed every petition on as many sites as I can, and blogged everywhere in her favor. I even went so far as to write 8 different execs at Summit and included pages of blogs crying out for Catherine to direct B. Dawn.

I'm getting resigned to the fact, now, that she may not come back to the TWILIGHT world she created so brilliantly. But I hear you in longing that she would. She created a masterpiece with TWILIGHT, in every respect, and should have been permitted to direct the rest of the series. THAT would have been AMAZING.

NMoon and Eclipse are lost causes, but - all is not lost. The director for Breaking Dawn has yet to be announced. There's a glimmer of hope it might be Catherine, and so long as there is, I will be praying that she directs BDawn. And if she does, that will be a billion dollar Box Office for sure.

Winter said:
How do we make it known to the people @ summit that we want Catherine to direct Breaking Dawn...
I can't get over the fact that they killed New Moon, I wish that it could redone...
Hey Everyone - please vote for Catherine in this poll. It gets lots of traffic:

IMDB poll is about Breaking Dawn today:

Catherine may not be the #1 answer, but she is ahead of Chris and Daivd! GO VOTE!

200 percent all right!!!!!!!!!!
As say it so well in Irene Ramos the serie has to be (and up to the end) managed by Catherine Harrdwicke. Twilight was the only movie possedant the soul of the book / real spirit of Stephenie Meyer!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello lovely people...I found a poll which, I thought you might be interested in:
Thanks Winter! I blogged my eyes out on this site. So did Morgaine. I invite everyone else to vote and then blog for Catherine too!

Winter said:
Hello lovely people...I found a poll which, I thought you might be interested in:

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