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A Dire Prognosis

I feel so incredibly fortunate. I just completed paperwork so my husband and I will have health care coverage through my employer. Filling out the on-line forms was quick and easy. With a few keystrokes and a click of the mouse, we will have what 46.3 million Americans do not. This is a staggeringly shameful statistic. With the… Continue

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The Great Open Highway

I’m a Texas State Highway 121 commuter, and getting to work has just gotten a lot easier. I, and many others, used to sit in backed-up traffic on frontage roads trying to get from Point A to Point B. Well, no more. The massive road project has brought the highway to me, and I can now catch 121 at the newly opened on ramp at Lake Forest Drive. Imagine my surprise and joy… Continue

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Give Your Brain a Holiday

Here’s the perfect book to read when you need to unwind after a long, hectic day. The story engages the brain, since it is Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, after all. But for readers with a sense of whimsy, and an appreciation for Buffy Summers-style dispatching of the undead, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is more fun than a barrel of dead… Continue

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Fire and Flesh

Placing chunks of meat over open flame is magic that brings people together. The smell of gamey smoke makes our mouths water. The sizzle of lean and fat creates a symphony appreciated by a tightly knit gathering of kin and kindred spirits. The act of cooking and eating outdoors is a ritual that every human being understands. It’s fundamental in acknowledging our shared ancestry. More than a fun way to cook dinner, grilling is an historical link that… Continue

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Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

If someone should ask how my day is going, and that day is going spectacularly crappy, I respond with: “Feels like I’m on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.” The person either smiles and nods sympathetically or looks at me as if I’ve lost my marbles. I know many people have never visited a Disney attraction before, so I usually let the theme park ride reference slide. However, there really is no excuse for never having… Continue

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Viking Frog Wine

I thought this label was the funniest thing I’d ever seen pasted on a wine bottle. Since I like red wine, frogs, and Vikings, I couldn’t pass up the chance to fill my glass with Viking Frog Wine. It’s quite nice. Not heavy on the tongue with tannins, not spicy like a Shiraz, but rather young and floral with hints of raspberry and citrus. A very fine table wine, indeed. Certainly drinkable enough to toast a busy week and celebrate the start of the… Continue

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Wake Up

As is so often the case, the possible side effects from modern day miracle cures are worse than the affliction itself. I was flipping through a magazine when I saw an ad for NUVIGIL. “What’s a New Vigil?” I wondered aloud. It’s a drug that combats “excessive sleepiness.” The pill is intended for use by those who have sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and shift… Continue

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Favorite Things

This has always been one of my favorite songs. Kate Bush is someone I've admired for years. Singer. Composer. Pianist. Dancer. I'd be happy to have just one of those talents at my command. As things are, I'll gladly sit back and relax to Kate's beautiful voice. Just as soon as I clean up the toilet paper confetti strewn lovingly about the house by my schnauzers. Or maybe I'll just leave it. I kind of like coming home to a party. No worries. Putting my… Continue

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Manners or just plain manic?

I’m all for frequent hand washing, especially during flu season. But making sure my hair is neatly combed before heading off to lunch? My hair never looks neatly combed even after combing it. That’s why sometimes I don’t even bother. I saw a fair number of messy heads in the cafeteria where I ate lunch today, too, so I don’t feel bad at all. It’s not like we’re stopped at the turnstile for being windblown, or having bedhead.

I think I’d lose my appetite right quick if I had a… Continue

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I’m an i

Today at work, my group was asked to take the DiSC Personal Profile test to determine our behavioral styles. I’ve taken personality tests in the past and each one yielded pretty much the same result: I’m bossy. I have been ever since I was little. In the workplace, I know when a bout of bossiness is rearing its head, so I adjust and reassess as the situation requires. This is a process I work on… Continue

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thungs we thunk are important

we were thinking what if you dont beleve jesus is gods son but you got baptised into another relogn that is a bad that is happing to one of us she beleve the jew way but was baptised in to another relogion we need your help say wether she should she should name her self a jew and not celebrate cristmass with her family or should she celabrate cristmass cuz it would not be as hard to swich but celebrate cuz he was a very awasome guy?

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Style with Substance

Not only will Emma Watson be attending Brown University in Rhode Island this fall, but she has also teamed up with Fair Trade clothing company People Tree to launch a Spring/Summer 2010 collection. This is definitely different from other celebrity clothing ventures, some of which exploit workers and leave behind negative environmental… Continue

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Pasta-n-cheese, if you please

I’m feeling that autumn mood coming on. With the change of seasons, this particular mood always gets me to thinking about food. Ok, so I don’t really need an excuse to think about food, but it’s true that a change in the weather seems to invigorate my appetite. I like to collect recipes and play around with them to suit my tastes and dietary preferences. For example, I steer clear of dairy as much as possible. It does funny things to me and I feel a… Continue

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Thanks Catherine!!

I, being the lovely little nerd that I am, sent a request to Catherine Hardwicke for her autograph. Just this week.. I GOT IT BACK!! My Twilight DVD cover is signed and personalized, my index card is signed and personalized, and she sent a little card about this website.. I really love her work, even pre-Twilight. I really like "dark and twisty" movies, and really liked Thirteen and Lord's of Dogtown.. then when I first heard that she would direct Twilight, I was STOKED!! I really can't wait to… Continue

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...but I regress

I’m sickened and bewildered at the hate that has come out of hiding over the last several weeks. People carrying guns to so called town hall meetings. Protestors brandishing placards with vile and violent slogans at last Saturday’s tea party outing in Washington D.C. A state representative shouting down the President during his address to a joint session of Congress. Entertainers akin to professional wrestlers spewing falsehoods and vitriol on TV and radio shows. When did… Continue

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Lily & Blu

A girl in a basket

Her friend in tow

What they’re really up to

I should hardly know

When you’re cute and furry

Things just go your way

When you’re blue and bug eyed

You never get your say

But when it comes to friendship

Closer peas you will not find

Their differences mean nothing

When two hearts become… Continue

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MYSTIC VERSES – Living verses.

The message evolves.

You peel away the onion skin, layer by layer, and every time you think you understand its meaning you find yourself tempted to look once more…

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Hoppy Times

dancin stubby

It was always a big deal when we had relatives come visit us in the summer. My dad, an expert fisherman, always made sure there was salmon or steelhead on hand for our guests, and my brother and I had the important job of making sure all of our camping gear was accounted for and in good working order. We lived in a woodsy area populated with cedars, hemlocks, and Douglas fir. Deer roamed the woods behind our house and would enter… Continue

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It’s All About Perspective

Sometimes it takes looking at something in a different light, or from a new angle, to appreciate its value. We walk by the same shop windows, drive the usual routes, glance at a stream of faces parading by, hear phrases that barely register. Being bombarded by stimuli makes it difficult to focus on that which sustains rather than depletes us. Reimagining the ordinary and everyday is the very definition of innovation, and… Continue

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